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Your automobile relies on a powerful battery to start and run. However, like all batteries, the car drains its power as you use it. This is why vehicles have another mechanism that also charges the battery, allowing your vehicle to continue running for much longer. This component is called an alternator, and it's an essential part of your ride. As such, it's crucial that you take care of it, recognize signs that there's an issue with it and replace it when necessary.

How the Alternator Works

Alternators are fairly simple machines, but they perform an essential task. When you turn the key in most vehicles, the battery provides energy to the starter that ignites the engine. Then, as the engine runs, it turns a drive belt that turns a pulley attached to the alternator. As the pulley rotates, it creates DC voltage, which primarily charges your car's battery. Once it starts up, primarily by using the immense power stored in the battery, the alternator continues to charge the battery as your automobile runs. 

Signs You Need Alternator Maintenance

There are a few signs you can look out for that may indicate it's time for either alternator maintenance or replacement. The first sign is a warning light on your dashboard. Your vehicle likely has a wide range of potential warning lights that can illuminate for reasons ranging from engine issues to a loose gas cap.

If you see an illuminated light on your dashboard that either says "ALT" or "GEN," this typically indicates an issue with the alternator. You may also see warning signs related to your battery or even the check engine light, so if these appear, don't rule out an alternator issue.

Another common sign of an issue with your alternator is when you have trouble starting your vehicle. Without a working alternator, your car may not start up at all or take longer than usual to start. If you turn the key and nothing happens, there's likely a problem with either your starter, alternator, or battery.

While an alternator helps your vehicle start, it also keeps it running smoothly. If you've begun to experience sudden engine stalls as you're driving, the alternator could be the culprit. This is especially true if you experience the stalls when you're going up one of our Montgomery hills or trying to accelerate after an intersection. A failing alternator can't provide enough power to the engine, which in turn results in an engine stall.

The alternator also provides power to the various electronic components throughout your vehicle. Parts such as your dashboard, headlights, and power windows all rely on the alternator. If you start to notice electrical malfunctions while driving, a failing alternator could be the reason.

Finally, in some cases, a bad alternator can cause strange noises or smells. For example, you may hear a peculiar whining sound or smell burning rubber when your alternator is on the way out. You'll likely notice these symptoms along with other problems mentioned above, which should direct you toward the alternator. However, it's typically a good idea to bring your vehicle in for an inspection whenever you're experiencing odd noises or smells.

What Does Alternator Maintenance Include?

There are two possible solutions when you're experiencing a problem with your alternator. The first is to perform some basic maintenance, which will hopefully allow the alternator to return to normal. Alternator maintenance consists of a few tasks.

Our certified technicians at Montgomery Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) will inspect the alternator and make sure it's free of any dirt or debris that could be causing the alternator to overheat. After that, they'll check all the electrical connections to ensure that all the relevant components are securely connected. Finally, our professionals will make sure that the alternator is still securely fastened to the vehicle, as a loose connection can lead to vibrations, which limits the alternator's output.

If the alternator is beyond saving, the next step is to replace it altogether. Luckily, this is a fairly routine repair, which means you should get your vehicle back in a short amount of time. After removing the old alternator and installing the new one, the technician will test your car to make sure the problems have all been addressed. 

Choosing Montgomery CDJR for Your Alternator Maintenance

If you're in the Montgomery area and think there's a problem with your alternator, your best option is to bring your vehicle to Montgomery CDJR. We have a full-service station that can quickly assess your vehicle and determine if the alternator is, in fact, the source of your issues. Once we identify the alternator as the problem, we can then determine whether some simple maintenance will get your vehicle running again or if you need a new one altogether.

In either case, we'll do our best to get your car back to you in a short amount of time so that you can get back to your daily life.

Here at Montgomery CDJR, we take immense pride in the service we provide to our customers. We can help you with alternator problems and any other sort of problem you may be facing with your vehicle. Whether you're looking for preventative maintenance tasks such as new tires or an oil change or you need extensive repairs, our team is here to assist you. 

We also have a fully stocked Parts Department, which has practically everything you'll need to take care of your vehicle. Give us a call to learn what we have or stop by today to browse our current inventory. Between our extensive parts selection and knowledgeable technicians, you'll have everything you need to keep your car running properly for many years.

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