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Welcome to Montgomery CDJR's online battery inspection and replacement portal. You rely on your battery to start your engine and operate other electrical systems. Therefore, it's vital to ensure it works properly. Unfortunately, looking at it, you can't always spot a failing battery. But there are signs to watch out for if you know when and where to look. To help, we had our battery experts put together some vital information on how your battery works and how to know when it's failing.

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Battery Service with Montgomery CDJR

 battery service in nicholasville kyAt Montgomery CDJR, we provide all our service center technicians with ongoing training to remain updated on the latest parts and repair practices, including batteries. We know the critical role your battery has in your daily commute and the disruption it can cause if it fails. Our service center uses state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic equipment to handle routine maintenance and complex repairs. If you think you have a problem with your battery, we can quickly test its viability and replace it if necessary.

Signs of a Failing Battery

Of course, if your battery has no power at all, nothing works. You can't turn your engine on,, and none of your electrical systems, like your radio, will work. Your battery is dead. Before your battery dies, in most cases, you can't tell this by looking at it. However, you can look for common symptoms indicating your battery could fail soon. 

Labored Engine Start

Your engine should start up immediately when you turn your ignition on, whether you have a pushbutton start or you insert and turn a key. The engine usually fires up after one or two revolutions. An engine that takes longer to start could have other issues. So if you experience a delay in starting your engine, we recommend you have our service center professionals inspect the problem.

Sometimes your engine struggles to start with a failing battery. A failing battery has less power to deliver to the engine, presenting this sluggish start symptom as if the engine strains to turn over. Straining to turn over isn't the engine's fault but the battery's lack of power. Our technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and replace your battery in minutes if necessary.

Electrical Systems Don't Start Up Right Away

Sometimes, a failing battery causes a delay in starting your car's electrical systems. This symptom occurs because the battery doesn't have the energy to supply these systems and the engine's starter simultaneously. Once the engine starts, your other electrical systems will turn on. Once running, your engine converts the mechanical energy back into electrical energy through your alternator, which then supplies the power to your electrical systems.

Battery Warning Alerts

Modern vehicles alert owners to failing batteries through the driver information system. These alerts can tell you to check your battery, update you on your battery's power levels, and more. Older cars might have a dashboard light that activates when there's a problem. Depending on the make and model, the light could be red or yellow. No matter how you receive a battery alert, you should bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic to have it inspected immediately to avoid an unpleasant breakdown. 

Mold Growing on Your Battery Terminals

If you think you might have a problem with your battery, pop the hood and inspect it. Sometimes, a failing battery will have algae-like growth on its terminals. It could be white, green, or blue in color, which results from oxidation, a naturally occurring reaction. Oxidation growth on your terminals impedes the delivery of power, eventually leading to failure. You can take a wire brush and scrub this growth off to help improve the connection but it might be too late. We suggest you have our service center test your battery if you see anything growth on your battery terminals.

Why Choose Montgomery CDJR for Your Battery Needs?

Montgomery CDJR has proudly served the Nicholasville, KY area, providing exceptional customer service to all our clients. When you bring your vehicle to us for any service, we provide a multi-point inspection on your car, including testing your battery. You can find our service center conveniently located on Elizabeth Street. In most situations, we can quickly test your battery and replace it from our expansive battery inventory, getting you back to your busy life in under 30 minutes.

Sometimes, cars show signs of battery failure when the battery doesn't have a problem. Other repair shops might recommend replacing your battery without properly testing your entire electrical system. I could be your alternator causing the issue or something else. Our expert technicians know what to look for when inspecting your electrical system and you won't waste your time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Montgomery CDJR Battery Accessories

While you can't trick out your battery with a cool new spoiler or flashy wheels, you can purchase some useful accessories for your battery from our parts department. A simple set of jumper cables can help get your car started if your battery fails. At a minimum, we recommend everyone keep a pair of jumper cables in their emergency kit. 

We also sell portable jump kits that work like jumper cables but without needing another car. Instead, these kits have a battery to provide the power. In addition, you can purchase a battery testing tool. This tool clips onto your battery terminals and displays your battery's health. A tool like this can give you advanced warning to help you plan for replacing your battery.

Call Montgomery CDJR If You Have Battery Issues

When you experience any type of battery failure or symptoms of impending failure, take our advice and bring your vehicle to Montgomery CDJR to have the battery tested. You can schedule a service visit online or stop by our Nicholasville dealership on Elizabeth Street at your convenience. Our expert technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. If you have a dead battery, we have an expansive selection of batteries to fit any make or model.

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