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Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Parts FAQs

❱  Should I Buy OEM Parts?

OEM parts are those made directly by the original auto manufacturer, so if you want to be sure of the product you are getting and its quality, OEM parts are the way to go.

❱  Should I Get Aftermarket Auto Parts?

Oftentimes, the price of aftermarket parts is lower than the of OEM components. The quality may be equal to or better than that of OEM parts.

❱  Which Parts are the Most Expensive to Repair?

Due to their production and marketing, aftermarket parts are typically cheaper to both buy and repair. OEM parts are typically more expensive because they must follow the standards that are set forth by the original manufacturer. However, they are also stamped with that automaker's seal of approval which confirms their quality for an unmatched level of stress-free ownership around the Nicholasville and Lexington, KY area.

❱ When Should You Request OEM Parts?

Some warranties will only be honored if OEM parts are used. If you are concerned with maintaining the best value for your vehicle, OEM parts should be your sole choice.

❱ Who Installs Aftermarket Parts?

Typically, aftermarket parts can be installed by a local mechanic or autobody shop. A dealer may opt to install aftermarket parts that are received from the manufacturer to fulfill a warranty repair or replacement.

❱ What Car Parts Are Covered or Not Covered by Warranty?

Each type of warranty governs what parts will or will not be covered as a replacement. This can be found in every vehicle's owner's manual or within the documentation provided by the warranty provider.

❱  Should I Buy Car Parts from Third-Party Vendors like Amazon?

Though you can buy car parts from online stores, like Amazon, this must be done with an abundance of caution. You will likely want to know where these parts are being produced, what their ratings are, and how reliable they are. Sometimes this can be hard to do in an online environment.

❱  Can You Purchase Auto Parts at The Car Dealer?

Oftentimes, it is a better idea to buy parts and components from a certified dealership with experience and knowledge in replacing the necessary parts to get your vehicle running again. Our Mopar parts experts at our Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealership near Richmond, KY are here to help with your parts and service needs.

❱  Can You Bring Your Own Parts to The Dealer?

Most dealerships will not install parts that have been previously purchased and brought in due to liability concerns. It is important to note, though, sometimes a car dealership will install aftermarket parts if they were provided in exchange for a warranty.

❱  Who Installs Aftermarket Car Parts?

A smaller mechanic or autobody shop may install aftermarket car parts, but typically the type of buyer of these parts is one who knows how to personally install them.

❱  Where Do I Buy Used Auto Parts?

Used auto parts can be found through online sources or in person at salvage yards.

❱  How Do I Choose Between OEM Auto Parts and Aftermarket Parts?

Keeping your ultimate goals in mind will help you make this decision. If you are okay with spending a bit more and investing in professional installation, OEM parts can be chosen. A cheaper and potentially riskier route lies within the selection of aftermarket parts.

❱  What is a Refurbished Auto Part?

A refurbished auto part is a component that was considered OEM, but has since been taken apart, rebuilt, and resold.

❱  What is the Difference between Re-manufactured, Refurbished, and Rebuilt Auto Parts?

Many of these terms can be used interchangeably and only differ in a few small aspects. A remanufactured part will typically have a longer warranty than a refurbished component. In addition, a rebuild would include the deconstructing of a part, cleaning it or repairing it, and rebuilding it completely.

❱  What Advice Do I Need When Shopping for Used Auto Parts?

Be careful with vendors, parts, and installation. Buying used auto parts is a tricky practice that has many risks for a novice. We'd suggest sticking with new, genuine OEM equipment for high-quality parts that are sure to last.

❱  What Do I Do with Old or Defective Auto Parts I No Longer Need?

Depending on the type and size, old auto parts can be taken to a salvage yard for sale or disposal. Defective parts should be taken apart to avoid reused or sent to the manufacturer if recalled.

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