When you come in to get a new RAM truck from us at Montgomery Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram , you're going to get a RAM key fob with it. Now, we all know what a key fob is and what it looks like. It's not a new invention, after all, having been created in the 1980s. Since then, and even in the past decade alone, the capability of the key fob has come an incredibly long way. Your RAM key fob can do more than you might realize — keep reading to learn every capability of your RAMs key fob.

Key Fob | How To | 2021 Ram Chassis Cab

RAM 1500 Key Fob Capabilities

1. Lock/Unlock Feature

The Keyless Enter 'n Go feature of your model ramps up the convenience that's delivered to you by your RAM key fob. You can lock or unlock your doors and also your tailgate, including the liftgate, swing gate and trunk. Plus, you can roll down or roll up your model’s windows without fully starting the vehicle! Press the engine start button once without pressing the brakes. This will allow your car to enter the “ACC,” or accessory mode. Access your windshield wipers and windows all at the push of a button!

2. Remote Start Feature

If your RAM is equipped with remote start, you can start or shut down the engine from up to 300 feet away from the vehicle. Simply push and release the remote start button (x2 with a circle) on the key fob twice within five seconds. You’ll hear your vehicle’s engine start immediately, and it’ll continue running for 15 minutes before shutting down. How can you manually shut off your engine without waiting for the 15-minute cycle to end? Push the button a third time.

3. Infotainment Feature

With your key fob, enter the ACC mode to access your vehicle’s radio! If you press the engine start button an additional time, you'll enter the "Run" mode, wherein you can access the instrument cluster and climate control system.

Key Fob Battery Replacement | How To | 2021 Ram 1500 DT

FAQs About the RAM 1500 Key Fob

If your key fob has an issue and it's not working properly, you likely just need to reprogram it. Lucky you for, RAM 1500 key fob programming is quite easy. Just follow these steps below!

  1. Without pressing the brakes, hit the engine start button until it is in "Run" mode.
  2. Once the chimes in your truck stop, press and hold the "Unlock" button on your RAM 1500 key fob for 10 seconds. Release.
  3. As you're releasing the "Unlock" button, press and release the "Panic" key.
  4. Once you hear a chime, press the button(s) that you need to reprogram.
  5. Turn your ignition off to end programming.

As we mentioned, you can access your window controls and even windshield wiper and radio controls by clicking the start engine button until it's in "ACC," or accessory mode.

In the back of your key fob, you can open a compartment that holds a traditional key. Take that key out and unlock your vehicle the old fashioned way. Then, take the bottom end of the key and hold it against the engine ignition button, press the brakes and press the button with the key. Your truck will recognize the key and start up!

This is the same process as when you need to start it without your key fob. Get the regular key out of the back of the fob, press it against the ignition, press the brake and you're good to go! You can also replace your key fob battery and use the fob.

The price to replace your key fob can range between $500 to $600, depending on which RAM model/trim you own. If you just need a new key fob battery or a RAM 1500 key fob cover, those will naturally cost a lot less, and you likely won't pay any more than about $40 for both items together.

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Key fobs have made the driving life a lot more convenient. However, they can come with issues if you're unsure of how to operate them when their batteries die or need reprogramming. Thanks to Montgomery CDJR in Nicholasville, KY, you can now drive with the confidence that, if something does go wrong, you'll have no problem fixing it.

And if things don't resolve themselves like you hoped they would, you're always welcome to come to our location at 1010 Elizabeth Street, Nicholasville, KY 40356 where our service experts can diagnose and fix the issue for you. We look forward to serving our customers from Lexington, Danville, Versailles and Frankfort!

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